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Mini DP to VGA

Mini DP to VGA

The AQV Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter allows you to transmit audio and video from your TV, computer, tablet, monitor and other VGA devices to Mini DisplayPort compatible device. Connect and configure your monitor for an Extended Desktop or Mirrored Displays. Ideal for meeting the need of connecting Mini DisplayPort to VGA ports in your office, home entertainment display, conference rooms and more.

Mini DP to VGA Features 

-100%brand new
-Plug and play, easily use and convenient to convert, highly reliable.
-Fast transmission speed, high-definition lossless picture quality. 
Power Supply: No dispense with power supply.
-Shield Condition: Dispersion spectrum anti-electromagnetic interference EMI spectral dispersion.
Applications: Wedding scene, witness of love trip. Boardroom, easily connected for work. Home Theater, enjoy good time with family and friends.
NOTE: Only Mini DP to VGA. Can NOT Bi-directional. It Only Converts Signal from DP to HDMI, ideals for Computer Desktop Laptop PC to TV ,Projector and display device.


-Brand: AQV
-Input: Mini DisplayPort Male
-Output: VGA Female
Chip: Digital converter
-Product Length: 20cm
-Product Weight: 0.028kg
Resolution Support: 1920 * 1200 / 1080P
-Bandwidth: 5.4Gbps
-Color Depth: 10bit.162MHZ
Video input signal: 5Volts p-p (TTL)
-Model Number: A-1132
-Packaging type: Aluminum foil Bags
-Operating Environment:-20~+60 Celsius
-Relative Humidity:From 5% to 95%
-Warranty :Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support
-Package Include: 1 X Mini DP to VGA Male to Female
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